Coffee Machines

Restaurant Projects supply, install and maintain all types of coffee machines.

Our complete installation packages include everything required for startups and for established baristas. We not only provide coffee machines but also provide maintenance, consumables, training and accessories. Contact us to find out more.

Complete Package

We include everything you need to get started including

  • The supply and complete installation of your new coffee machine
  • Source and supply of your coffee beans, whether that be a branded solution or a unique custom roast.
  • Full training on installation.
  • Consumables and accessories.
  • Coffee Stations, Advertising and Digital Screens.
  • Full parts and labour warranty on all our machines.
espresso coffee machine restaurant and bar

Free on loan, lease, rent or buy outright coffee machines?

We have a number of options when it comes to purchasing your coffee machine. Whether it’s purchasing your machine outright, leasing or free on loan, we have the solution. All our coffee machine packages include delivery, installation, initial training and we can even add term maintenance packages as well.

espresso coffee machine restaurant and bar

Bean to cup

If you are looking for a bean to cup solution with a custom-built station, take a look at our Coffee Crew brand to find out how we can bring a unique coffee solution to your workplace or business. Digital advertising screens can be incorporated for your office or retail location.

When it comes to the beans, we can incorporate popular high-street brands or for a unique flavour, why not create and serve your very own unique roast.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

We have a network of engineers all over the country who can provide full maintenance packages for a huge list of coffee machines. If you require an engineer for your coffee machine contact us today. Additionally, we can provide a loan machine if your machine requires to be taken off-site to be repaired or is un-repairable and your waiting for a new one.